Resident English Programs

Presley Teaching

REI-Vietnam has collaborated with language teaching universities to enhance English education through English teacher development, curriculum and materials development, and English teaching since 1993.

Classroom Teaching:
Will Teaching
Teacher Professional Development:
Consultations and Seminars:
Bob helping
Curriculum and Materials Development

Evaluated, revised and developed university pronunciation, speaking, and reading curricula and materials

While many of REI Vietnam’s resident English professionals hold advanced (MA or PhD) degrees, the minimum requirement for resident English staff is TEFL certification (graduate level training in teaching English as a foreign language, e.g. CELTA).

Two participants’ papers were published:

Nguyen, T. T. H. & Khuat, T.T. N. (2003, December). The effectiveness of learning vocabulary through games. Asian EFL Journal.

Vu, T. P. T. (2003, September). The contribution of multimedia tools in teaching English at Vietnamese universities. Asian EFL Journal.

Cole-French, W. C. (2009). Reading the Daily News from Vietnam. Hanoi: Vietnam News Agency Publishing House.