REI-Fellowships are another important program In our work. These are observational fellowships of 3-12 weeks in length. It’s an opportunity for carefully selected professionals from Vietnam to come to the USA to observe and learn from their American counterparts and their practices for professional and personal development. Usually one or several of our short-term team professionals will agree to sponsor a deserving candidate for this opportunity, often agreeing to host the fellow in their home to minimize expenses.

In order to qualify for this experience a Vietnamese professional must be good in English, must promise to return back to Vietnam in accordance with their visa, and must commit to share what they learn in America with their colleagues and others back in Vietnam after their return.

We’ve had the privilege of sponsoring over 80 professionals for such fellowships over the last 15 years, most of them in the medical sector. Not only has the experience made a great difference in their knowledge and skill, but also in motivation and perspective. At the same time it’s resulted in what will be life-long close relationships.