Family Practice/Primary Care

Miller examining

Family Medicine has been one of the focus specialties of our medical program for the last ten years. It’s of strategic importance if we hope to affect the health care of the masses in Vietnam. We have been active in promoting the concept of family medicine (or family practice) as a specialty in Vietnamese medical education. Our major contribution has been to provide family medicine training as continuing education (CE) courses for general practitioners. We do this by giving lectures on a wide variety of topics and by mentoring good techniques with patients in a clinical situation. In partnership with Vietnamese trainers in regional centers many doctors from the rural provinces are invited for workshops with us for this teaching and training. By inviting the same doctors in the central region to Hue year after year we have been able to build into their lives in a step-by-step, multi-year program for their development. Besides full-fledged FP doctors, our FP or FM teams often include doctors of other specialties who do primary care.

Our Family Medicine team is led by Dan & Carol Mitchell of Iron Mountain, MI. Dan also gives supervision to dental professionals who accompany his team. They split their time between Hanoi, Hue and Danang.