English Education

Diana Dudzik

Since its inception, REI's leaders and volunteers have noted Vietnam's emphasis on learning and teaching the English language--not as an end in itself, but as one means to building their nation. In science, technology, business, medicine, education, and other fields, professional development usually entails mastery of English as an international language. To this end, REI-Vietnam sends qualified English Educators to work side by side with the Vietnamese professionals who are making this happen.

In English Education, our work has two thrusts:  Visiting Professionals and Resident Professionals.  Visiting Professionals typically contribute to our summer programs on a volunteer basis.  At present, this program consists of a three-week course on lesson planning and methodology.  Resident Professionals live in-country year round and work alongside other Vietnamese educators to design curriculum and train teachers.  Currently, REI - Vietnam has six trained resident professionals that work as English Educators at public universities.  Each of these professionals have either received CELTA certifications or completed graduate degree programs in a TESOL-related field.