Business Education

Tom Teaching

REI’s business professionals travel to Hanoi twice a year under the sponsorship of Hanoi University and in cooperation with the Foreign Trade University and the National Economic University to teach undergraduate students, consult with faculty, and connect with business leaders under the universities’ leadership.  They work in formal classroom presentations, mini-seminars, small group discussions, leadership coaching, alumni gatherings and business student competitions.  Our team members’ expertise includes leadership, accounting, international business, entrepreneurship, human resource management, banking, finance, and marketing. We anticipate adding tourism. 

While some of the REI presenters also serve as university instructors in the United States, the contribution for which our professionals are best known is their ‘practitioner’ experiences and personal histories. They put feet on theory. Presentations and follow-up question-and-answer sessions are all in English.

Don and Vang Teaching

Our work began as an annual program starting at Hanoi University in 2004, expanded to Foreign Trade and National Economic Universities in 2008, and become a biannual event in 2009.  Mr. Tom Knighton, a partner with Oliver-Wyman, has led our spring team ever since its inception. Mr. Don Colebourn of PTLA Associates has become team leader for our fall team.

In addition to matching instructional content with current realities in Vietnam, future challenges for our business professionals might include: developing a business incubation model for emerging student-designed plans, connecting with alumni of our REI training as they mature in their professional careers, and partnering with Vietnamese faculty to generate collaborative presentations and training experiences.