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Ron Randle Joins the REI-VN Team

by Lily Lauer |

Image: Ron Randle Joins the REI-VN Team
Ron is the New Coordinator of Medical Services

Ron and his wife, Liessa, have been married for thirty-five years, have three grown children, and are fond grandparents of seven grandkids. The Randles have been friends of Brian Teel, Director of REI-Vietnam, and his wife, Ginny, since the early eighties. According to Ron, “Liessa and I have supported [REI-Vietnam] for the past 14 years. Our relationship [with the Teels] goes back thirty years, when we met in St. Louis. When I retired last December, Brian reached out to me and talked about REI-Vietnam and a great opportunity he had for me as the Coordinator of Medical Services. In April, I found myself in Vietnam with Ginny and Brian, the business team and members of a medical team. I came away from that visit with a desire to serve but wanted to make sure that Liessa was on board. So, I made a second trip to Vietnam in August with Liessa, and her excitement is just as high as mine.”

Ron and Liessa

During the Randles’ August trip to Vietnam, they visited the hospitals and doctors Ron would be serving as well as a school that was built by REI-Vietnam in a commune outside of Hanoi. Ron and Liessa were welcomed by around fifty kindergarten children to whom Ron and Liessa distributed presents. Liessa is an educator. She was overwhelmed by the need but excited about the potential for growth and development in education.


Both Ron and Liessa are excited about getting to know people in Vietnam, and they found several opportunities during their August trip for building relationships while just touring the streets of Hanoi. They were out for a walk one afternoon when the skies opened up, and they had to run for cover. They found protection from the downpour under an overhang. While they were waiting there, a Vietnamese couple drove up on their motorbike to wait out the storm with them. A conversation ensued in which they discovered that the man had once lived near the Randles in California. He’d actually worked as a postman and knew where the Randles’ house was located! They have exchanged several emails since that day and plan to get together when Ron returns to Vietnam in October.


In his prior role in medical equipment sales, Ron worked with many doctors over the years. On his two trips to Vietnam, Ron discovered that doctors there and in the U.S. share similarities, despite the differences in culture. Ron observes that, in general, doctors are “smart guys, very independent. They have a lot of ownership over their environment and tend to be proud in a positive way.”


REI-VN’s professional volunteers educate and train their Vietnamese counterparts so that they, in turn, can teach and train their fellow countrymen. REI-VN builds people to build the nation—something with which Ron, a developer of people, has extensive experience.

with lien

Ron has a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a Masters Degree in Education Counseling. He taught in elementary and junior high schools for four years prior to joining Becton Dickinson (BD), where he worked in a variety of positions over the last thirty one years. While at BD, Ron saw a need to develop high performing employees, but there was no program in place to realize the task. Ron created Talent Management and Sales Development programs—to recruit, train, and develop personnel across the sales organization—that are now used across all of BD’s business units. With his background in medical sales and experience in education and people development, Ron Randle is the perfect person to come alongside our medical professionals as they serve in Vietnam.

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