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Business as Usual (Not!)

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Image: Business as Usual (Not!)
REI’s Applied Management Competency Certificate

Last October REI’s Business Team launched a new program at Hanoi University (HANU): the Applied Management Competency Certificate (AMCC). You may recall from our July article that we have been developing a 2-year certificate program for a limited number of students, who would be willing to invest time in class preparation and completing assignments rather than simply sitting in on a lecture. Through the hard work and investment of many hours by several people, notably Dr. Thu (HANU Dean of the Faculty of Management and Tourism), Dr. Nga (Vice-Dean), our own Del Goehner and John Scruton-Wilson, the program is ready for prime-time and the first classroom sessions are in the book.

The vision of Dean Thu (pictured below) has been to take a limited number of committed students to a deeper level of management skills. From October 10-14 the first class of 16 screened and selected students began these courses, which require pre-class preparation and post-class evaluation. We count ourselves blessed to have had top-flight instructors for this fall’s courses: international business consultant Tom Knighton, CPA and business leader Del Goehner, and Les Stocker, former CEO of Braille Institute of America. They prepared coursework on “Strategic Leadership,” “Strategic Planning,” and “Reporting Cycles and Reports.” We feel that our AMCC program is off to a great start.

But there are lots and lots of other business students in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the two cities where REI’s Business Teams work. Subtract 16 from lots and lots, and you still have—lots and lots. What about them? They, too, are eager for what our volunteer business practitioners offer.

And there are groups of graduate students, governmental agencies, associations of professionals and entrepreneurs, and so forth, that all want what we offer. Can we say, sorry, you didn’t make the cut?

A rhetorical question. Obviously we want to make the greatest impact possible in the business world of Vietnam as we seek to “build people to build their nation.” And so we continue our long-standing program of presenting pertinent topics to students and to those who have moved past the undergraduate level.

This fall we had a wonderfully talented team come make these presentations. The first week in Hanoi was led by Team Leader Tom Knighton, joined by Del Goehner, Les Stocker, Loren Lancaster, Paul Yankey, Brian Teel, and Randy and Jill Vernon. Mike Truong from Azusa Pacific also served at one of the local universities. As Tom needed to return to the USA after the first week, the second week in Ho Chi Minh City was led by Dr. Suzanne Garrett. Dr. Cheryl Meredith also joined the HCMC team, as well as the majority of those who served the previous week in Hanoi. In addition to our AMCC curriculum, topics included “The 10 Habits of Successful CEOs,” “Emotional Intelligence,” “How to do Business in the USA,” “Cross-cultural Communication,” “Technology Trends and How to Benefit,” “The Basics of Risk Management,” and 34 other topics (we offered a menu of 40 different topics, presented at 12 different universities and 4 business/government centers).

The response? Enthusiastic, for both programs. The Vietnamese are eager to increase their business footprint, both domestically and internationally. The material and training we bring helps give them the edge they need to succeed. We are eager to help. 10 years ago the per capita income was $1,095. Last year (the most recent year for which data is available) the per capita income was $1,685. We like to think that we have made at least a small contribution to that increase.

And those numbers reflect an improvement in life. People can pay for their children’s school fees. People can better address health needs. People can afford a better diet. Lives are being changed for the better.

And that’s what REI is all about.

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