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The Year in Review

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Image: The Year in Review
Highlights of 2018

While the old saw that nothing is constant except change is true, some periods of time see more transitions than others. 2018 was certainly a year of profound transition for REI. Leadership, staff, programs all experienced significant changes this year. And as some things changed, we also continued to see continuation and stability in certain areas as well. Here are some of the highlights of 2018!

Expanding REI’s Impact in Business

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Image: Expanding REI’s Impact in Business
AMCC in Ho Chi Minh City

Consider physical fitness. Is it better to train a few Olympic athletes, or to help a multitude of people raise their fitness level up a notch? Makes an interesting table conversation, and one’s opinion will depend on his or her perspective and values. Here at REI, while working with business students we seek to do both. We continue to give general business-specific presentations to interested university students, but also have a far more in-depth program, our Advanced Management Competency Certificate (AMCC), to a select group. This fall our AMCC program expanded to the Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh City.

Advancing Nursing Care

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Image: Advancing Nursing Care
... through coming together

Knowledge and skills: something to hoard for one’s own personal benefit, or something to share for the benefit of others? We all understand the need for proprietary information. None of us expects to find the Coca-Cola company cheerfully giving away its secret beverage formula to its competitors, but in health care we do hope for more. We hope to see advances in understanding and methodology freely shared among health care professionals to improve the level of health for all people. In Vietnam, we are seeing remarkable breakthroughs in the sharing of information, especially among the nursing professionals here.

Meet the Slaters

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Image: Meet the Slaters
A New Director for REI-Vietnam

“Generations come and generations go,” says an ancient book of wisdom. We here at REI are in a transitional phase of leadership, as Brian and Ginny Teel prepare to pass the baton to Craig and Kris Slater. Craig has been serving as Deputy Director of REI-Vietnam since April 2018, and will assume the full directorship at the beginning of next year. We think you might like to get to know him and his family!

The Exchange Visitor Program

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Image: The Exchange Visitor Program
REI welcomes Tra My (l) and Trang (r) to the USA

Have you ever received a postcard or seen a friend’s posted photos of an internationally known site such as the Grand Canyon, or Yosemite, or Halong Bay, and then had the opportunity of actually visiting the area? Often one’s response is, wow, I had no idea that it was really like that. As part of REI’s emphasis on building people to build their nation, we bring motivated Vietnamese business students to the USA to be exposed to successful businessmen and businesswomen in a variety of fields. The response? Wow.

REI 2018 Global Forum

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Image: REI 2018 Global Forum
Bringing the Family Together

Conference, forum, or family reunion? Resource Exchange International’s gathering of our worldwide staff in Colorado this July was all the above. The last time our global staff came together in this way was in 2014. It was time to sit down together as field and administrative staff, share our stories, refresh our vision of building people to build their nation, and tool up to advance our work!

An REI Student Exchange Scrapbook

by Gabrielle Lewis |

Image: An REI Student Exchange Scrapbook
Vietnam Student Cultural Exchange Trip 2018

REI has the pleasure of working with many professionals all over the country each year. From our medical to business short-term teams, we love seeing the personal friendships that flourish out of each meeting. So much so, that several years ago we started sending one or even two teams every summer to focus solely on building relationships and to learn about the beautiful Vietnamese culture.

Double or Nothing

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Image: Double or Nothing
Two ENT Teams Serve in Vietnam

Among our volunteer teams, our medical teams are arguably the largest and consequently bring the most impact. Among our medical teams, our ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat) teams are arguably the largest and consequently bring the most impact. This spring REI fielded two ENT teams, serving in Vietnam’s two largest cities, with quite different emphases, but also with significant overlap.

Business Events, Awards, and Needs

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Image: Business Events, Awards, and Needs
Looking Back, Looking Ahead

“Where did you get that?” asked a Vietnamese friend of ours who works at one of our partner universities, as he stared at the medal pinned to Brian’s lapel. “Twenty-two REI staff and volunteers were just awarded this medal and a Certificate of Merit by the Ministry of Education and Training,” Brian replied. “Do you know what it is?” “Yes I do,” replied our friend. “That’s the highest national award given by the Ministry! What did you do to deserve it?” Good question!

An Ounce of Prevention

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Image: An Ounce of Prevention
Advancing OBGYN care in Vietnam

We all thrill to the drama of rescue, be it a rescue of stranded and injured mountaineers, the Coast Guard coming to the aid of a sinking boat, or even a dramatic, life-saving surgery. But while these situations can hold us spellbound, riveted to the TV screen, by and large we would prefer that the climbers simply make an uneventful ascent, that the boats all stay afloat, and that no surgery would be necessary. This month Dr. Laura Bishop’s recent OBGYN Team invested 10 days in Hanoi and Hue, giving instruction and training in how to avoid the dramatic, or, when unavoidable, how to deal with it.

Chúc mừng năm mới!  Happy New Year!

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Image: Chúc mừng năm mới!  Happy New Year!
The Traditional Tet Holiday in Vietnam

Hey, culture vultures! Rather than focus on REI-specific teams and activities this month, we are changing the pace to give you a larger view of Vietnamese culture through this month’s special holiday, Tet, or the Lunar New Year. Don’t worry; we’ll be back with news from the REI world next month!

REI Medical Outlook 2018

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Image: REI Medical Outlook 2018
Advancing Health Care in Vietnam in 2018

REI works in five strategic sectors in Vietnam (Medical, Agriculture, Social Work, Business Education and English Education). Of these, our medical work has the greatest number of short-term volunteer teams. What do we foresee for 2018?

REI-Vietnam Highlights of 2017

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Image: REI-Vietnam Highlights of 2017
The Year in Review

The end of 2017 is upon us! A time for reflection and gratitude for what has been accomplished as we continue to build people to build their nation. As we look back, here are some of the highlights of the year that come to mind.

Going Farther Together

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Image: Going Farther Together
REI’s 2017 Fall Business Team

“Today, we go farther together” was the rallying point of this year’s Fall Business Team. And go farther they did, giving presentations in 15 universities and government institutions in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, expanding our Applied Management Competency Certificate (AMCC) program from one to two cohorts, and selecting 2018’s two J-1 business candidates from Hanoi University (HANU). But if we had to choose one word to describe this team’s experience, that word would be celebration!

Synergistic Advances in Medical Teamwork

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Image: Synergistic Advances in Medical Teamwork
Motorboats, or Rice Paddies?

Significant, meaningful change rarely happens overnight. REI’s Mixed Medical Team (i.e., made up of doctors and nurses), led by Dr. Elaine Goehner (at center above), has been serving in hospitals in Vietnam for 10 years (or 20, depending on perspective; more on that below). We are seeing genuine advances in healthcare. One especially encouraging change is the dramatic increase in teamwork between hospitals as they share what they know with one another and work together to provide better healthcare to the Vietnamese people.

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