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Resource Exchange International

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Image: Resource Exchange International
A Global Vision of Building

How would you describe REI? An ancient Indian story speaks of six blind men who were brought to an elephant and asked to describe it. Each spoke of the part he touched. To the one who touched the leg, the elephant was like a pillar. To the one who touched the side, it was like a wall, to the one who touched the tusk, it was like a spear, and so forth. How would you describe our work? It may be bigger and more varied than you think! This month we want to give a birds-eye view of the work of Resource Exchange International.

A Presidential Visit

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Image: A Presidential Visit
(or, who is that man with Madame Lien?)

If you follow the news, you already know that President Barack Obama visited Vietnam in May in order to continue strengthening U.S. - Vietnam relations. During a reception on May 24 he gave a speech on that topic to a number of specially invited guests. Among those guests was Madame Lien, our REI Representative in Hanoi.

New Year’s Resolutions

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Image: New Year’s Resolutions
Clarifying REI's Direction in 2016

A new year! A time of celebration, and also a time of reflection and renewal, when people think about the past year, reviewing their direction, recommitting to doing that which is good and right and helpful, and often making resolutions to change, to improve, to make a fresh start. This is a good time for us here at REI to consider what we are doing well, where we can improve—indeed, to consider why we exist at all.

Underwriting REI

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Image: Underwriting REI
Investing in the Future

REI, including its subset, REI-Vietnam, is a non-profit organization. There is an old joke about a businessman who said that his business, too, was a non-profit organization. “Although,” he said wistfully, “it wasn’t intended to be.” In our case, from our origins, our intent has been to give, to share, to train, to exchange, to build, without expectation of payment. But it does take money to do what we do. Where does that money come from?

The Award of Excellence

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Image: The Award of Excellence
Vietnam Honors REI with a Special Award

How do you spell success for an international non-government organization (INGO) such as REI-Vietnam? When working with people this is not always obvious, but however success is defined, the government of Vietnam judges REI-Vietnam as being successful. We were one of 33 INGOs out of 568 working in the country to be honored with the Award of Excellence for 2014. Not only that, but PACCOM, the agency which oversees INGOs, asked REI to write a letter describing what we do and our relationship with our Vietnamese hosts, to be published nationally. Only three INGOs (one from Europe, one from Asia, and one from North America--us!) were asked to do that. We are honored.

REI Family Reunion: Same Vision, Different Fields

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Image: REI Family Reunion: Same Vision, Different Fields
REI-Vietnam Director Brian Teel teaching on metrics
From time to time any healthy family will get together for a few days to enjoy one another’s company. The REI family gathered together for our Global Forum in Monument, Colorado last month, from July 6-13, in order to renew and deepen relationships, as well as to clarify our vision and sharpen our tools. We schedule this every three years, and it is always a time of encouragement and motivation!