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REI Medical Outlook 2018

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Image: REI Medical Outlook 2018
Advancing Health Care in Vietnam in 2018

REI works in five strategic sectors in Vietnam (Medical, Agriculture, Social Work, Business Education and English Education). Of these, our medical work has the greatest number of short-term volunteer teams. What do we foresee for 2018?

Synergistic Advances in Medical Teamwork

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Image: Synergistic Advances in Medical Teamwork
Motorboats, or Rice Paddies?

Significant, meaningful change rarely happens overnight. REI’s Mixed Medical Team (i.e., made up of doctors and nurses), led by Dr. Elaine Goehner (at center above), has been serving in hospitals in Vietnam for 10 years (or 20, depending on perspective; more on that below). We are seeing genuine advances in healthcare. One especially encouraging change is the dramatic increase in teamwork between hospitals as they share what they know with one another and work together to provide better healthcare to the Vietnamese people.

Elephants Never Forget

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Image: Elephants Never Forget
Nor Do Our Vietnamese Friends

A few months ago long-time REI friends and volunteers, Dr. Austin Raunikar (third from left above) and Dr. Mark Duster (far left above), were invited to attend the 10th Annual Symposium of the Cardiovascular Center of Hue Central Hospital, held in June, as guest lecturers. While they were there something unexpected happened.

Institutional Partnerships

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Image: Institutional Partnerships
Partnerships of Friendship Investing in Vietnam

Partnerships can come in many forms. There are legally binding partnerships, as defined by contracts. There are partnerships formalized in writing, expressing expectations and agreed-upon goals, as defined by Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs). And there are informal partnerships, perhaps best defined as partnerships of friendship. These partnerships of friendship greatly increase the impact of REI as we seek to build people to build nations.

A REI Team Trifecta

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Image: A REI Team Trifecta
Dental, Otology and Art Journaling Teams

REI has hosted a large number of volunteer teams serving in Vietnam over the past 25 years. Generally we seek to field one team at a time, to simplify logistics. But this month we had three volunteer teams of specialists serve simultaneously! Our Dental Team, Cochlear Implant/Otology Team, and a new initiative, our Art Journaling Team, served in Hanoi the final week of March—our own version of March Madness!

REI Spring 2017 Medical Team

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Image: REI Spring 2017 Medical Team
Bringing help and hope in multiple arenas

A new year, a new series of volunteer teams serving in Vietnam! Our first team of the season, our Medical Team, invested the week of February 20-24 serving in Hanoi. In the past we have called this our ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat) Team, but this year the team, our largest ever, served in a greater variety of venues than simply ENT.

Advancing Health Care

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Image: Advancing Health Care
...through the Nurses and Physician Team

“Before you came I didn't know that my knowledge was limited. You were the first person to work beside me and teach me that I can do more!” This from a young nurse at Hanoi Medical University to a member of our Nurses and Physician Team who served in Hanoi in September and October of this year. In fact, we saw an incredible amount of progress in health care in the hospitals where we have been working over the past several years. What advancements did we see?

The Heart of the Matter

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Image: The Heart of the Matter
Developing Pediatric Cardiology in Vietnam

Congenital heart defects affect 8 out of 1000 newborns, according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Even 15 years ago, many of these newborns would simply die in Vietnam. Today, with the advances made in pediatric cardiology, most of these infants can be successfully treated and go on to live healthy, normal lives. Long-time REI volunteer Dr. Austin Raunikar is seeking to help raise the standard of children’s heart care in Vietnam.

A Story of Giving

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Image: A Story of Giving
Sharing Healing, Sharing Hearts

For many of us Westerners, this is the season of giving. We here at REI would like to share with you a story of giving—a story of kindness, of generosity, of devotion, of hope. It involves many people, though we will focus on only a few. May your heart be encouraged and inspired!

Teamwork in Patient Safety

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Image: Teamwork in Patient Safety
Clarifying Priorities, Transfering Skills

What should be the emphasis in health care? This question could receive a variety of responses. Better health outcomes? Patient satisfaction? A good bottom line for shareholders? Dr. Elaine Goehner, our team leader for our Nurses/Mixed Medical Team, believes that the emphasis must be on patient safety, achieved through better teamwork among the different health care professionals.

Something Old, Something New

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Image: Something Old, Something New
ENT and Urology Training

In April our Mixed Medical Team brought further training in one of the earliest medical specialties where REI has made a contribution, ENT (Ears, Nose, and Throat). We also brought training in our newest specialty: Urology. This last makes the 20th medical specialty that we have been able to offer! Longtime volunteer Dr. Craig Hedges and his friend and first-timer to Vietnam, Dr. Darlys Hofer (above), invested two weeks in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to build people to build their nation.

Spring Update: Dental Specialty Team and More

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Image: Spring Update: Dental Specialty Team and More
Building Vietnam's Dental Capacity

In the springtime, as migratory birds fly northward and young men’s fancies turn to love, our REI volunteers make their way to Vietnam. This month we are highlighting the contribution made by our Dental Specialty Team, as part of our Mixed Medical Team. (We also had an ENT Team and a Business Team serve, but space constraints, alas, only allow us to focus on one part of a greater whole!)

A Thank-you from Duc

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Image: A Thank-you from Duc
… and from all of us at REI-Vietnam

Duc, pictured above, was diagnosed as a young child with a life-threatening congenital heart defect. Our volunteer surgeons arranged to bring him back to the United States for surgery in December 2006, and performed a successful operation.

Beyond Partnership:  “Our Friends, our Brothers”

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Image: Beyond Partnership:  “Our Friends, our Brothers”
- Dr. Walter Lee and Dr. Ky in the REI Fellows Program

“Friends and brothers” is how Dr. Le Minh Ky described Dr. Craig Hedges and Dr. Walter Lee, two of REI’s visiting professionals, who hosted Dr. Ky as a REI Fellow from September 17 to November 5 this year. Receiving these Fellows is one component of the exchange in Resource Exchange International. What impact can a program like this have in building a man to build his nation? Click below to read more.

The Power of Partnership: REI’s Nurses Team

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Image: The Power of Partnership: REI’s Nurses Team
Advancing Health Care through Advancing Partnership

“You’ve done everything I recommended from last year’s visit!” Lily Pang, one of our visiting nurses, exclaimed. Thu, the Head Nurse at Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi, looked embarrassed but pleased. “Well, this is what you told us to do, so we did it!” The two beamed at each other in mutual satisfaction.

This snippet comes from a conversation between Lily (fourth from left) and Thu that took place at Bach Mai last month. REI sent a multi-faceted nurses team to partner with several hospitals in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from October 20-30. The team consisted of Dr. Elaine Goehner, (Team Leader), Dr. James Miser, Lily, Alexa Lujan, Jeannine Acantilado, Dr. Steven Wolinsky, and Cheryl Kimball, all experienced medical professionals eager to share their expertise with their counterparts in Vietnam.

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