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Meet the Slaters

by REI-Vietnam |

Image: Meet the Slaters
A New Director for REI-Vietnam

“Generations come and generations go,” says an ancient book of wisdom. We here at REI are in a transitional phase of leadership, as Brian and Ginny Teel prepare to pass the baton to Craig and Kris Slater. Craig has been serving as Deputy Director of REI-Vietnam since April 2018, and will assume the full directorship at the beginning of next year. We think you might like to get to know him and his family!

Building Bridges, Connecting Dots

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Image: Building Bridges, Connecting Dots
REI-Vietnam’s Team Facilitators

“You will have two major beneficiaries if you accept this position,” Brian Teel told Randy and Jill Vernon on a cold winter morning in 2014. “One is direct and obvious: our volunteers who serve in Vietnam, as you help them succeed in their service. The second is more indirect but fully as important: the Vietnamese themselves, who are receiving the service of our volunteers.”

The Team Behind the Teams

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Image: The Team Behind the Teams
Randy, Ginny, and Kenneth - REI's Colorado Administrative Team

Behind any successful team, whether sports, business or whatever it may be, is another team, quietly making it possible for the primary team to not only function, but flourish. Here at REI-Vietnam we have such a team, diligently working behind the scenes to support our team of resident staff in Vietnam and our teams of professional volunteers. Read more about our unsung heroes, our US administrative team!

Ten Years Well Invested

by Randy Vernon |

Image: Ten Years Well Invested
Judy Fenlason with OT/PT team, biking to conduct a therapy workshop (2005)

Twenty years, actually, adding Cliff and Judy Fenlason’s REI tenures together. This month REI-Vietnam celebrates the many years of service of Cliff and Judy, who will be ending their formal contribution to REI the end of May 2014. Their professional and personal investment in the lives of the Vietnamese people has made a profound and permanent impact. Read more about their legacy…

Zonia Go Returns to Vietnam

by Lily Lauer |

Image: Zonia Go Returns to Vietnam

Zonia Go is returning to Vietnam, where she previously taught English, to apply her newly acquired knowledge in intercultural studies and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), gained while earning an M.A. at Wheaton College in Illinois. Her vocational pursuits today differ greatly from what she pursued a decade ago.

Ron Randle Joins the REI-VN Team

by Lily Lauer |

Image: Ron Randle Joins the REI-VN Team
Ron is the New Coordinator of Medical Services

Ron Randle retired from his career in medical sales and management last December, but before long he seized an opportunity to take on a new challenge. Starting on September 1, Ron became the Coordinator of Medical Services for REI-Vietnam. As our new medical coordinator, Ron will travel to Vietnam with our medical and nursing teams to provide logistical support and trouble-shooting as needs arise. His first official trip is scheduled for October when he accompanies our Cardiology/Family Medicine Team led by Dr. Austin Raunikar. Twelve months ago, Ron couldn’t have foreseen the direction his life would take after retirement, but his background and life experience have uniquely equipped him for such a time as this.

Lily Lauer Joins The HQ Team

by Cliff Fenlason with Lily Lauer |

Image: Lily Lauer Joins The HQ Team
Joyce Sims and Lily Lauer keeping us on track
Joyce Sims has been the office manager for REI-Vietnam since its inception. She probably knows the ins and outs of what we do better than anyone. Over 20 years we’ve had a series of directors and part-time assistants but Joyce has been the steady mainstay of the office for all that time. This year Lily Lauer has come aboard and is helping in numerous ways. Lily tells about her work and her family in her own words…

Historic Meeting of REI Board of Directors in Hanoi

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Image: Historic Meeting of REI Board of Directors in Hanoi
On- field meeting yields rich dividends
How do you express love? Love is more than words or a feeling. Love is action which fleshes out concern and care. Love was expressed tangibly in many ways as ten Board members of Resource Exchange International flew from various locations in the US to conduct their Annual Board of Directors Meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam, on November 4-5, 2011.