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A REI Team Trifecta

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Image: A REI Team Trifecta
Dental, Otology and Art Journaling Teams

REI has hosted a large number of volunteer teams serving in Vietnam over the past 25 years. Generally we seek to field one team at a time, to simplify logistics. But this month we had three volunteer teams of specialists serve simultaneously! Our Dental Team, Cochlear Implant/Otology Team, and a new initiative, our Art Journaling Team, served in Hanoi the final week of March—our own version of March Madness!

Spring Update: Dental Specialty Team and More

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Image: Spring Update: Dental Specialty Team and More
Building Vietnam's Dental Capacity

In the springtime, as migratory birds fly northward and young men’s fancies turn to love, our REI volunteers make their way to Vietnam. This month we are highlighting the contribution made by our Dental Specialty Team, as part of our Mixed Medical Team. (We also had an ENT Team and a Business Team serve, but space constraints, alas, only allow us to focus on one part of a greater whole!)