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A Day in the Life

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Image: A Day in the Life
Chris Sayles, REI Resident Staff

Chris Sayles has been part of REI’s resident staff in Hanoi for several years now. This month we asked Chris if he would describe his service in building up the people of Vietnam to build their nation, and how he came to serve in this way. The following is Chris’s reply. Enjoy!

The Synergy of English Training and Social Work

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Image: The Synergy of English Training and Social Work
Presley McFadden at Tea Talk English

Presley McFadden, REI’s resident staff team leader in Hanoi, has taught English at three prominent universities in Hanoi (Hanoi University, Academy of Finance, and National Economic University) over the past 6 years. Last year he decided it was time for a change. Presley was already working closely with Michael Ong at Tea Talk through volunteering at a number of workshops and English clubs. Could Tea Talk become a place for full-up English courses? The answer: YES!

Building a Nation through Training in English

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Image: Building a Nation through Training in English
REI at Hung Yen University

Why train Vietnamese students in English? Because English, although not the most commonly spoken language in the world (that honor goes to Mandarin) is nevertheless our era’s lingua franca of business and academia. In most countries it is the primary second language taught in schools and can be understood to some extent by 1/3 of the world’s population. English is crucial for anyone who wants to thrive on the global stage. For the past year REI’s Zonia Go (third from left above) has been investing her life in training both students and instructors of other subjects at the Hung Yen University of Technology and Education.

Resident Professional Presley McFadden Assumes New Role

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Image: Resident Professional Presley McFadden Assumes New Role

Presley McFadden, newly appointed Team Leader for our resident professionals in Vietnam, has impacted Vietnamese students since 2004 as an English language instructor. A two month visit to Vietnam in 2001 kindled a desire to return in some capacity after graduation from college. After two years of planning, he was disappointed to learn that he was not accepted by the first program to which he applied. But Presley’s disappointment turned into anticipation after discovering a new opportunity made available to him through partnership with REI-Vietnam.

Zonia Go Returns to Vietnam

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Image: Zonia Go Returns to Vietnam

Zonia Go is returning to Vietnam, where she previously taught English, to apply her newly acquired knowledge in intercultural studies and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), gained while earning an M.A. at Wheaton College in Illinois. Her vocational pursuits today differ greatly from what she pursued a decade ago.

Tea Talk Cafe Opens in Hanoi

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Image: Tea Talk Cafe Opens in Hanoi
Jacqueline Ong Enjoys High Tea With Friends

The grand opening of TEA TALK CAFE on April 10 launched the long awaited dream of Michael Ong to impact Vietnamese social issues in a creative, fun, and effective manner. Since the germination of the idea in a social entrepreneur class two years ago, MIchael and a great group of friends who believed in Michael's idea, worked hard to make this dream a reality. Read more about the cafe and the two year adventure.

Historic Meeting of REI Board of Directors in Hanoi

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Image: Historic Meeting of REI Board of Directors in Hanoi
On- field meeting yields rich dividends
How do you express love? Love is more than words or a feeling. Love is action which fleshes out concern and care. Love was expressed tangibly in many ways as ten Board members of Resource Exchange International flew from various locations in the US to conduct their Annual Board of Directors Meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam, on November 4-5, 2011.

REI-VN’s Vietnamese Ambassador

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Image: REI-VN’s Vietnamese Ambassador
Lien with friends of REI-VN in San Francisco

Lien Tran, REI's Representative for Vietnam Relations, may be small in stature, but in every other way she is big for REI-Vietnam. Her head, hands and heart are all engaged to meet the needs of anyone who is in need of her help. This may be expressed by getting medicine for a visiting professional who is sick, taking a visiting professional to the best shop for buying embroidery pictures, visiting a sick family member of a Vietnamese friend, helping one of REI-Vietnam’s resident professional with visa issues, or waiting at Noibai airport to greet an arriving team member’s midnight arrival. When asked for help if it is within her power to do so, her answer is always “yes”.

Reading The News From Vietnam

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Image: Reading The News From Vietnam
William C. Cole-French honored for new textbook

In December of 2010 William C. Cole-French was awarded a Certificate of Merit for his work with a team of Vietnamese educators to design a contextualized reading curriculum for university students studying English. This project culminated in the publication of the textbook, Reading the Daily News, one of the first publications to use materials written by Vietnamese about Vietnam for English language study. The award was given by the People’s Education Committee of Hanoi in celebration of Hanoi’s 1000 year celebration.

Tea Talk

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Image: Tea Talk
A New Way to Deliver Social Services

Tea Talk, a social venture with the mission of making counseling and psycho-educational services accessible through the use of interactive drama, is the brain child of Michael Ong. Conceived while Michael was taking a graduate level course in social entrepreneurship at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, it was cited by Michael’s professor as the “best project” in the class.