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REI-VN’s Vietnamese Ambassador

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Image: REI-VN’s Vietnamese Ambassador
Lien with friends of REI-VN in San Francisco

Lien Tran, REI's Representative for Vietnam Relations, may be small in stature, but in every other way she is big for REI-Vietnam. Her head, hands and heart are all engaged to meet the needs of anyone who is in need of her help. This may be expressed by getting medicine for a visiting professional who is sick, taking a visiting professional to the best shop for buying embroidery pictures, visiting a sick family member of a Vietnamese friend, helping one of REI-Vietnam’s resident professional with visa issues, or waiting at Noibai airport to greet an arriving team member’s midnight arrival. When asked for help if it is within her power to do so, her answer is always “yes”.

Business Education Team Presents for 8 Years Running

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Image: Business Education Team Presents for 8 Years Running
Tom Knighton receiving a gift in appreciation for his work
In 2004, international leadership consultant Tom Knighton received an invitation he just couldn’t refuse: come to Vietnam and join longtime REI partner Bob Wattles to launch a new Business Education initiative at Hanoi University. Last month Tom’s commitment brought him back for his 8th consecutive yearly trip even though his schedule allowed only 78 hours in Hanoi. Why does he do it? Tom sees this “Business Week Program” in Hanoi as one of the most strategic investments he can make with his time. Developing the next generation of business leaders is what motivates him.
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