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Tea Talk Dreams Realized Beget Greater Dreams

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Image: Tea Talk Dreams Realized Beget Greater Dreams
When Michael Ong first put pen to paper for an entrepreneurial social work class assignment as a student at Washington University, he imagined Tea Talk as a small, cozy café where he and his wife, Jacqueline, would interact with customers about social issues over a cup of tea or coffee. Now, two years after Tea Talk opened its doors in 2012, his dreams have been realized in a greater way than he could have imagined. Over 1300 young people have participated in various programs that Tea Talk has offered; CoRE, a Vietnamese NGO focused on Counseling, Research, and Empowerment has been birthed; and visions of Tea Talk 2 are on the discussion table. (Michael and Trang are pictured above holding the license for CoRE as an NGO.)