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Ron Randle Joins the REI-VN Team

by Lily Lauer |

Image: Ron Randle Joins the REI-VN Team
Ron is the New Coordinator of Medical Services

Ron Randle retired from his career in medical sales and management last December, but before long he seized an opportunity to take on a new challenge. Starting on September 1, Ron became the Coordinator of Medical Services for REI-Vietnam. As our new medical coordinator, Ron will travel to Vietnam with our medical and nursing teams to provide logistical support and trouble-shooting as needs arise. His first official trip is scheduled for October when he accompanies our Cardiology/Family Medicine Team led by Dr. Austin Raunikar. Twelve months ago, Ron couldn’t have foreseen the direction his life would take after retirement, but his background and life experience have uniquely equipped him for such a time as this.