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Student’s Experience in Vietnam Rich, Varied, Memorable

by Lily Lauer |

Image: Student’s Experience in Vietnam Rich, Varied, Memorable
Alyssa Meyer Serves in Four Different Roles

Alyssa Meyer, a student at Iowa State University, experienced Vietnam through four different roles this past summer. She was a student conducting research, a tourist and temporary resident, an English teacher, and a team member on a university campus. She lived in the hustle-bustle of Hanoi and in the more isolated, rural Thai Nguyen. It was a stretching experience as she strove to immerse herself in the language and culture of her host country. In establishing relationships she endeared herself to Vietnamese nationals and to REI-VN resident team members. Alyssa is bright, approachable and friendly, and most importantly, she has the courage and sense of adventure required to flourish independently in an unfamiliar setting and culture. She fell in love with the people of Vietnam, and her return there would be more than welcomed by many.