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Dr. Anh Completes REI Medical Fellowship

by Cliff Fenlason |

Image: Dr. Anh Completes REI Medical Fellowship
Observational Fellowships are a key part of the "exchange" concept in REI

Professional Experiences

Dr. Anh, REI-VN’s most recent fellow completed her observational fellowship with two gastroenterologists, Dr. Larry Kim from South Denver Gastroenterology, Denver, Colorado and Dr. Dick Baerg, Founder of the Tacoma Digestive Disease Center and the Tacoma Endoscopy Center. While with Dr. Kim and Dr. Baerg, Dr. Anh observed consults, follow up of patients, in-patient care, routine endoscopy procedures as well as advanced endoscopy such as ERCP (endoscopic cholangiography ) and EUS (endoscopic ultrasound). While in Washington state she and Dick Baerg also toured the UW Medicine GI facilities in Seattle. Dr. Anh is preparing for the addition of EUS capacity at her hospital in Vietnam.