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Dick Baerg’s GI Team Adds Other Specialties

by Cliff Fenlason |

Image: Dick Baerg’s GI Team Adds Other Specialties
REI-Vietnam's visiting professionals return from another successful volunteer trip

REI sends two types of people overseas: resident professionals, who live and work in an emerging nation long-term, and visiting professionals, who spend a few weeks in a country volunteering their skills and knowledge in their various fields to local professionals.

Dr. Dick Baerg led a team of six medical doctors (two each in gastroenterology, cardiology and pulmonology/critical care) to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Oct 15-28. They worked primarily in two hospitals in each city. The gastroenterologists were returning to GI departments well-connected. One cardiologist was returning too, but the others on the team were first-timers.