Residing and Abiding

Finding Ourselves at Home in a Vibrant Vietnam

The Journey of Third Culture Children

by Michael & Jacqueline Ong |

Image: The Journey of Third Culture Children
Grace with Hmong Children

What do Keanu Reeves, Pearl Buck, Madeline Albright, John Kerry, Christiane Amanpour, and Barak Obama have in common? Yes, they are all famous people, leaders in their own field, but that is only the superficial answer. Read on to learn more ...

The Triangle Conversation

by Presley & Mary McFadden |

Image: The Triangle Conversation
Sometimes we try to take short-cuts in our language learning. Ironically, the short-cut I tried to take in regards to LISTENING throughout my first stay in Vietnam turned out to be the long way - and the wrong way! I'm looking to remedy that with new approaches to language learning as I ready myself for a return to Hanoi.