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Welcome: Introductions and Invitations

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Image: Welcome: Introductions and Invitations
Hanoi, Vietnam

Welcome to our new resident professional blog! Here, we - the resident professionals of REI-Vietnam - plan to THINK ALOUD about our daily lives and on-going work in the vibrant country of Vietnam. We hope that our stories will provide a digital WINDOW into the world that we have come to know and love as our adopted home. We hope that our reflections will become a virtual NOTEPAD, recording the questions and ideas that shape our service. We hope that your comments in response will encourage and inspire us as we grapple with challenges and celebrate significant milestones.

------------ "the pursuit of truth in the company of friends" ------------

Cowell College, at the University of California, Santa Cruz, has an interesting motto: "the pursuit of truth in the company of friends". In many ways, this blog is conceived with something similar in mind. Certainly, in the creation of this blog, we are attempting to provide the basic ingredients for "a company of friends" to engage with who we are and what we're doing in Vietnam. Equally important, this blog isn't virtual permission for us to moan and groan the challenges of life in a developing country nor is it just another form of advertising and branding. NO, we are trusting that as we think aloud, and you respond in turn, that we will sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron. This blog is devoted to the pursuit of what is excellent - the intersection of grace and truth -- in the company of friends. Please join us in this great adventure!

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