Residing and Abiding

Finding Ourselves at Home in a Vibrant Vietnam

Definition of Terms

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Residing and Abiding

  • reside = (a) to dwell permanently or continuously in; (c) to keep the attention directed on or upon a certain place; (c) to make one's home in a particular place or community
  • abide = (a) to endure without yielding : withstand; (b) to bear patiently : tolerate; (c) to continue in a place :sojourn

The terms reside and abide capture our approach and commitment to Vietnam. We are long-term residents, living and working in Vietnam over a number of years. We are patient partners, remaining engaged and hopeful despite the natural difficulties of life in a developing country.


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  • Blog Basics: Posts in this category provide a basic orientation to the purpose, content, and etiquette of our blog.
  • Cultural Discoveries: Posts in this category focus upon the cross-cultural surprises that arise in the course of daily life. Topics like food, weather, social norms and values, working styles, and more can be found here.
  • Dilemmas: Posts in this category focus upon the difficult decisions and challenges that develop in the course of living and working in Vietnam. Brainstorm with us about the best approaches to these dilemmas.
  • Family Life: Posts in this category explore the ways that living in Vietnam influences and affects our homes and families. What benefits does life in Vietnam bring? What costs do we experience as well?
  • Growing Pains: Posts in this category not only share the way in which life in Vietnam is contributing to our personal growth, but also delve into the particular opportunities and limitations that life in a developing country brings for all of its residents.
  • Health and Wellness: Posts in this category focus upon the importance of health and wellness in the course of daily life as well as some of the strategies that we have discovered for sustaining it.
  • Innovations: Posts in this category highlight some of the best practices that we have found for ourselves, as well as those we have observed in our colleagues – or they may simply share something significant we have stumbled upon in our own online reading and research.
  • Language Learning: Post in this category explore the process of learning to communicate in a different country and culture. Laugh and cry with us as we recount the joy and agony of learning a foreign language.
  • Momenta: Posts in this category celebrate momentous moments in our work, detailing the factors, questions and implications that we perceive in what’s happened.
  • Odds and Ends: Posts in this category are essentially those that don’t naturally fit into any other. Life in Vietnam at time defies definition and description. Here you’ll find everything we can simply call etcetera.


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